Tensile Strength≥290MPa
Yield Strength≥180MPa
Flaring Test≥25%
Bending TestBend 180° in a radius 3 times of the pipe diameter
Bending Strength TestThe radius 25mm of the tool bending, bending torsion should be not more than 11NM
Flattening Test No crack after flattening

Pressure Test

Working Pressure≥26MPa
Under 85MPa~100MPa pressure, pressure maintaining 3~5 sec.
Burst Pressure≥110MPa
Coating Thickness5~7μ
Salt Spray Test≥96h

Prime Quality

  • All follow ISO 15500-16-2001 standard

  • Updated equipment & advanced workmanship & mature and stable production line.

  • Strict quality-monitoring system, 9 steps inspection procedure from manufacture to leaving factory.

  • Select prime materials of copper/steel and produce metal tubes by ourself.

  • Every pieces of petal tube should pass 5min pressure testing under 35~40MPa before coated with PVC.

  • 7‰ proportion samples from the bulk production must pass 3min test under 85~100MPa testing.

  • Products obtain good reputation & feedbacks around the world.


  • Low carbon steel tube

  • Copper tube

  • Seamless stainless steel tube

  • Stainless steel tube


  • Highest blasting pressure to esure the safety.

  • Good curvature property for easy installation

  • Even thickness PVC coating bind the metal tube relevantly providing with effective protection.

  • Good extension property of the tube to ensure the ends joint easily.

  • Products quality reach the international advanced level