We offer a wide range of hydraulic brake hoses assembly that find application in hydraulic brake system of motorbike, light truck, forklift, tricycle, scooter and other vehicles. Every piece of brake hose assembly is put to rigid test in the workshop before delivery to 

guarantee that the products can withstand the most hostile road environments and 

possible emergent situations. Our products conform to the following standards: FMVSS 106 DOT, SAE J1401, MS-EA70, ESA-M96D4-A, GM6403M, ISO 3996, JIS D2601, FR31302 1973, ADR 7, NTC 977, TL-VW 821 52, GB16897-97. Feature

* Low volumetric expansion

* Ozone and UV resistance

* High corrosion resistance

* Compatible with FMVSS 116 DOT 3, DOT 4 and most non-petroleum based brake fluids

* Low and high temperature toughness range -50° C to 121°C

* Proprietary structure design with three layer rubber and two PVA braided reinforcement